Tips On Buying A Used Car In Australia

Tips On Buying A Used Car In Australia

Buying a used car poses more difficulties than just buying a brand new car. While there are basic common things to look out for in buying a used car irrespective of where you are residing or in whatever country you are in, there are some specific things that relate to buying a used car if you are residing in Australia.

Before you actually venture out to buy a used car, it is important for you to gather the necessary information to allow you to make a wise decision.

First, you need to know your specific needs, and what sort of used car you are going to buy, so that you can arrange for the financing or cost of the car- in essense, can you afford to buy the car? Remember that apart from this initial cost, there are related costs of getting the car on the road such as car insurance, car inspection and road worthy certificate issuance, fees for transfer of registration and so on.

One prime consideration that impacts on the price of the used car is the age of the car. So your will be looking at the age of the car with respect to the price you can afford to buy. You will also be looking at the power of the car, whether you need a 4 cylinders, 6 cylinders or an 8 cylinders engine. This is important because if you are an outgoing nature loving Aussie, you might want to use the car to tow a caravan or a boat.

The engine, accessories and car type will not only affect the power of the car, but the consumption and performance, and when you are buying a used car, the performance might not be in the top condition. So these are factors to consider initially.

Secondly, buying a used car is different from buying a new car. This is because when you buy a new car, you buy it from a dealer and you receive protection from Australia-wide(Commonwealth), State and Territory law, and generally you will get a full dealer warranty.

There are three main avenues or ways for you to buy a used car in Australia, and that is from a private sale, a used car dealer or by auctions.

Used car dealers provide different warranties which are tied with the price of the car and the make of the car.There is no warranty when you buy a used car from a private seller in Australia, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the performance and handling of the car on the road before you buy. So you should test drive the car before you buy if possible.

The seller should show you a current registration certificate and a certificate of vehicle safety. It will be wise for you to check that there is no money oweing on the car and to do that you can check with the register of encumbered vehicles(REV) service. Get a signed receipt of payment when you pay for the car.

Buying a car from auctions and from ebay Motors online is one of the most popular and safe ways to buy a used car in Australia. More importantly, every purchase through ebay Motors and its affiliates provide you with special Vehicle Purchase Protection. Hunting for your required used car through the ebay auction format can enable you to purchase a quality used car at heavily discounted price.

In Part 2 of this article, we will uncover the insider tips on buying a used car in Australia through the ebay auction format – thus gaining all the benefits of the Vehicle Purchase Protection insurance, and getting high value and worth from a used car at a low bidded price. This method can be used for any city or town in Australia as ebay Motors and affiliates are accessible online.