Thai Lotto – How to Win Lottery Prizes in Thailand

Thai lotto is the country’s official national lottery, which is drawn twice a month. It is one of the only two forms of legalised gambling in the country. The other is horse racing in Bangkok. The official lottery is administered by the Government Lottery Office. The first and sixteenth of every month sees a draw of a million baht.

Lottery tickets contain a six-digit number and are printed on special yellow paper. หวยแม่นมากขั้นเทพ feature a two-tone watermark and a silk thread that is visible under ultra-violet light. The paper has been treated with special chemicals to prevent it from being stained by regular substances. This means that even a drop of bleach will leave a stain, but a drop of lottery ticket ink will not.

The winning numbers are drawn every month and are announced by the Thailand Lottery Government. These results are posted online. You can also follow the results live to see which numbers have won. The winners will be declared on the first and sixteenth of every month. The winner’s chart is also available here.

Once you’ve won a prize, you can claim it within two years. If your ticket costs less than 20,000 baht, you can claim it in cash. However, you’ll still need to pay a tax of 0.5% on the prize amount.