Qwirkle Board Game (2)

Qwirkle Board Game

MindWare’sQwirkle Board Game is a color and shaped-based game which works under the similar concepts of Scrabble and Sequence. In Qwirkle Board Game, players get to match tiles to win points for the game. Because of its simplicity and entertainment value, Qwirkle Board Game is already suitable to be played by young children ages six years and up.
Qwirkle Board Game comes with 108 wooden blocks in six shapes and six colors. With the use of the blocks, the players need to build lines by connecting the blocks with the same shapes or the same colors. Each tile ears an illustrated symbol and has a different color. Overall, there are three tiles which can create 36 combinations using their shapes or their colors. Since it does not require any reading comprehension, the game is perfect for playing for families with young kids. Young players will enjoy the visual stimuli of Qwirkle Board Game, while the adult players get to practice their strategies in making the most points and winning the game. The game is ideally played by two to four players and usually lasts for 45 minutes.
The Qwirkle Board Game has been awarded by the Parent’s Gold Choice Award and is a Mensa Select National Competition Winner. The box of Qwirkle Board Game comes with 108 wooden blocks, a drawstring bag for storage and a manual guide for instructions.
• Enough time for entertainment.
• Easy to play with simple instructions.
• Can be played in different levels depending on the age range of the players.
• Helps in improving strategy-making skills for adults and provides visual entertainment to younger kids while motivating their cognitive skills.
• Simple and challenging at the same time.
• Interactive board game with nice layout.
• Wooden blocks are made from durable materials which mean that they can withstand use.
• Helps in teaching kids different patterns and strategies.
• Captures the attention of both kids and adults.
• Easy to clean, and easy to store with the drawstring bag that comes with the box.
• Too complex for younger kids below six years of age.
• The selection of colors is quite confusing especially with the red and the orange blocks.
• Paint has chipped off only after a year of use.
Qwirkle Board Game is an entertaining board game which is ideal for kids and adults. The premise of the game is pretty much like Scrabble, only that it uses colors and shapes to create patterns and win the game. Since it does not require any reading comprehension, Qwirkle Board Game is perfect to be played even for young kids. This is also educational for them since they get to learn how to strategize using patterns through the colors and shapes of the wood blocks. For adults, it can be quite a competitive form of entertainment since the game encourages a healthy form of competition among who gets to strategize the best move. Overall, Qwirkle Board Game is a great value for money which can provide simple and affordable form of entertainment for players with more than six years of age.