How to Qualify For Jobs in Thailand

If you’re a jobseeker, you’ve probably already heard of the DSP and how you can get free money for your unemployment. But how do you qualify for this government program? There are some key rules that you need to know first. The DSP considers the availability of your age, sex, physique, normal occupation, and where you live when determining your eligibility. The Department of Social Protection can also consider how much you’d be paid in a specific occupation. You’ll be asked about this during the application process.

The JobsDB website can also help you find a job. Its job-search engine allows you to search for jobs in Asia with one click. In addition to listing current jobs, you can also search for career advice or sign up for events. You can also sign up for Let’s explore, an online platform for job seekers and change seekers. Its focus on career development and education helps job seekers find the right job. If you want to get a job, you need to be willing to make an investment in yourself.

If a jobseeker refuses to travel within sixty days, the licensee must take appropriate action. In addition, if the jobseeker doesn’t get a job in the designated time, the licensee must provide money for travel, accommodation, meals, and other essential expenses. If the jobseeker is denied the opportunity to travel within sixty days, the licensee must act according to section 39 of the Employment and Jobseeker Protection Act (No.2) to pay the jobseeker’s travel, lodging, and other expenses.

The jobsDB website, mobile site, and app are undergoing a rebranding to leverage the expertise of its new partner, SEEK. Using this new brand, the company aims to launch a series of product innovations. The new designs will help users connect with the brand and create a more personal touch. They’re also looking to improve the layout of the jobseeker’s profile to make it easier to read and navigate.

If a jobseeker has been working abroad, he/she may request benefits from the Fund. However, he/she should remit the funds to the Fund in accordance with the Ministerial Regulations. Moreover, the job seeker may receive benefits under section 53 of the Act if he or she stays abroad for five years after the contract. A jobseeker can also receive benefits from the Fund if he is currently working in another country.

If you are a part-time retained firefighter, you might be eligible for a jobseeker’s payment. The jobseeker’s payment does not apply to people on strike. This payment is for people who are not directly involved in a trade dispute and are actively seeking employment. However, หางานเชียงราย of strikers can receive the basic Supplementary Welfare Allowance. If ‘re a part-time retained firefighter, you may qualify for a jobseeker’s payment if your job search meets the eligibility criteria.

To work in a job-seeker agency, you must be licensed. A licensee must be registered with the Registrar and comply with Ministerial Regulations. The licensee must maintain a database in the form prescribed by the Director-General. The licensee must not be an employee of another domestic employment agency or prohibited under section nine of the Employment Act. Once you’ve registered, you must ensure that your employment agency meets certain qualifications and requirements.